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This adventure came about after completing my career as a Mechanical CAD Drafter/Designer and Technical Illustrator. A career that spanned from drawing on the drafting board with pencil, scales and erasers to Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), originally as 2-D wireframe and as the technology progressed, to 3-D wireframe and eventually to 3-D solid modeling. Often, I would utilize those 3-D MCAD models for illustration purposes, frequently requiring free-hand computer drawing, ie: fingers, hands etc. to complete the process.

This was a very rewarding career with projects involving the strictest of ANSI/ASME, Federal, Military as well as European standards. My career involved many, many types of interesting projects, Civilian, Federal as well as Military assignments.

One high-point of my mechanical career was working at ARP Instruments in Lexington, MA., mostly creating silkscreen artworks for guitar and keyboard synthesizers. One of our synthesizers played an important part in communicating with the 'aliens' in the movie, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind". The man at the keyboard on the ARP 2600 was the Director of Engineering, my boss at the time. It was also at ARP that I met my future wife, and she is still with me today.

Continuing on with my education post MCAD, I attended Clark University, achieving a Master’s Certification in Digital Multimedia and Web Design. Prior to and since, there have been several other photography and graphics design courses taken focusing on the various levels of Adobe Creative Suites as well as the individual Adobe packages prior to the Creative Suites being released.

My first photography related opportunity came when a professional photographer friend who found for me, a part-time position with a local camera store. There I was able to apply recently acquired skills performing customer specified manipulations and restorations as well as graphic designs for holidays and special occasions. What great fun! Unfortunately, after a several year gig there, that business closed.

My next opportunity came from being hired as a full-time Internet Marketing Specialist at a local luxury car dealer. There, I was responsible for photographing the dealer inventory of new and pre-owned luxury vehicles as well as creating the individual vehicle portfolios for the pre-owned inventory. I was also responsible for ensuring that the vehicle information was correct and uploading the images and portfolios to the corporate website following strict guidelines for corporate consistency. A great job as I got to ‘test’ drive most of what I photographed and occasionally, delivering to other dealers or to customer homes and businesses, sometimes interstate. Crusin’ in style!

Today, even though now retired, I continue to photograph classic luxury vehicles for clients, uploading dealer images to corporate websites from my home office. I also create image manipulations and restorations for other clients. I have also been hired to photograph family and company events, traveling to client locations to do the photography and render any post-editing, using my own hardware and software from my home office.

Then along came Covid-19...

In the recent past, I had volunteered  my services as a Videographer for a local non-profit organization where I create the video, complete with sound, of their monthly meetings and dedications. The equipment used is provided by a local television station and is a Canon XF-105 HD Camcorder. Post editing being done by the TV station crew. Some occasions do require still photography and I provide that equipment with post-editing also done from my home-office.

I have also been hired as a Camera Operator to video National Boys Soccer Championship games with post edits being done at the corporate level. All video equipment used there was provided. Enjoyed the best seating in the house!

For personal use, I have a variety of Canon cameras, two are DSLR cameras with several Sigma lenses, ranging from 10mm up to 600mm.  I have used Nikon DSLRs (provided) for some of my automotive shoots and I am quite fluent with the operation of Nikon equipment. Some of the images contained within were taken with a Nikon S9400 Point and Shoot (also used as my backup camera) and currently an iPhone 13. Both backups providing excellent results... to a point.

And before all that...

I was an Active Duty Soldier in the United States Army having served mostly in Europe. Eventually, I transferred into the Active Army Reserve Component, finishing out several years there as an E-6 Staff Sergeant and my last duty there was as a Brigade Operations (S3) Air-assistant NCO. I had the pleasure of serving throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and Iceland. I am proud to say that I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States. My uniform still fits all these years later and I am honored to wear that uniform once a year as I march as an Honor Guard in my hometown's Memorial Day Parade.

So, enough about me...

I hope that you will enjoy my website and note the options that I can do with digital imagery being shown throughout. Some of my work is not shown on these pages so, please feel free to inquire. This site is constantly being updated with new material so please check back often.

If you have a need, whether it be with photography, image manipulations or image restorations, please feel free to contact me at any time. Most tasks can be handled via email or if you are local, I can safely scan your images in and return all originals to you. I have been trusted to have images sent via the USPS to be scanned in here at high resolution and promptly returned to the owner. Whatever you need to do, perhaps I can do it for you! Let's talk!

I am equipped for both indoor and outdoor photography and I enjoy shooting any and all type of events. All subjects are of interest! My presence has even been requested at several non-profit events!

Please feel free to contact me at any time or via the email links provided on every page of this website.

And of course, none of this would be possible without the complete support of my wonderful wife, the better side, the better half of Keefe Imagery.

Thank You for your time and interest!


Kevin Keefe - Keefe Imagery

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